Sweep Picking Level 2


Sweep Picking Level 2


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The sweep picking allows you to play a series of notes on adjacent strings with a sweeping motion. You can play fluid and uniform arpeggios at high speed thanks to your pick travelling up and down through the strings.

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In this sweep picking level 2, we’ll extend the technique to play triad arpeggios on six strings.

Since it’s a very efficient technique, the most demanding part is about playing clean. Because your pick is gliding up and down across the strings, the risk is to play notes into each other, so it’s essential you practise and get confident with the position of your palm and the inclination of your pick too, which is mainly addressed in the first level. On top of that, here you can also focus on the synchronisation between your hands with a more difficult execution, since six strings are involved now.

In this level, you will learn the following aspects:
– clean transitions with correct muting technique
– good synchronisation between picking and fretting hand
– more strength in your fretting hand

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2 videos, 1 Pdf score, 1 GPX score

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