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It’s not only the quality of what you learn but also the most efficient progression. Time is money, or so the saying goes: follow the path we set up for you and maximise your efforts. Best results with an organic and rational use of your study time. From A to Z, we got you covered.

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    With Maestro, you'll be granted full access to all the techniques you don't want to miss. From string skipping to tapping, you get everything covered. Practice at your own pace and follow the progression that suits best your needs! Practice makes perfect and you can go at your own pace. Maestro allows you to do so with the help of a smooth progression covering all the techniques you don't want to miss!

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    A video section with all the licks you need to get an incendiary inspiration! The great news is that the videos are all free to watch and for a small price you get also the backing track and the transcription of what you want.
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    Short Courses

    If you want to give a boost to specific aspects of your technique, pick what you need. The best exercises and tips to help get you into gear, from the basic elements for your legato to the most advanced hybrid picking fine-tune class. Help yourself!
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    Digital Tones

    Give your tune a new soul every time you like. Dive in and get yourself the best presets you deserve for FM3, Axe-Fx II and Helix.