Legato Level 5


Legato Level 5


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Now we continue our legato technique progression with the study of hammer on from nowhere with scalar patterns. Unlike the previous legato levels, here we address licks directly applicable in a musical context.

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Although the increased difficulty with the scalar patterns, the basic technique is the same as in the previous levels. Again, no notes are picked and you need to be very careful with string muting in order to avoid unwanted resonances.

In this level, you will improve the following aspects:
– the hammer-on from nowhere
– muting

Once again, the difficulty rate is going up but the basic technique is still the same. So, in case you have some moments of hesitation, we still recommend to go through the first legato levels that aimed at the technical development of the movements that are necessary to master these exercises.

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2 videos, 1 Pdf score, 1 GPX score

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