Tapping Level 1


Tapping Level 1


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This is the first level on tapping technique. Tapping is about using your picking hand to do on the fretboard the hammer-ons and pull-offs that you would normally play with your fret hand. A great technique that any modern guitarist must know.

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In this first tapping level you’ll get the basic mechanics by playing triad arpeggios developed:
– on just one string
– using a single right hand finger
– playing a single tapped note

In this part, you will practise the following aspects:
– getting your right hand accustomed to the fretboard
– becoming familiar with a good muting technique

This technique provides a close contact point between the guitar and many other string instruments such as violins and cellos, where tapping has been around for a very long time. By mastering this, you certainly confirm yourself as a better guitarist but also a more rounded and complete musician.

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9 videos, 1 Pdf score, 1 GPX score

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