Alternate Picking with Legato Technique Level 1


Alternate Picking with Legato Technique Level 1


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Many students, even advanced ones, wonder whether they should make a choice and focus more on alternate picking or legato. In this level you find the best way to combine the two techniques and make the most of this integration.

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We now develop a technical approach that combines alternate picking and legato on eighth note triplet patterns. In each lick, the first triplet is played in alternate picking while the second in legato.

A difficult aspect is about how you handle the pick and its inclination. Watch the videos for some important indications and try to switch on and off your picking where indicated, holding the pick with a consistent inclination. That’s the key factor to keep your execution fluid and natural.

In this level, you will improve the following aspects:
– building up confidence in swapping rapidly between alternate picking and legato
– playing a uniform sound, regardless the technique used

This is the first level to integrate alternate picking with legato. For a top notch training on either
legato and alternative picking, buy the relevant sections.

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What's included

4 videos, 1 Pdf score, 1 GPX score

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