FM3 Diezel VH4 Blueface


FM3 Diezel VH4 Blueface


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FM3 patch based on Diezel VH4 amplifier with blue faceplate. His reputation as "metal monster" is well deserved, but it can also have other equally effective tones.
###This file has been updated to CYGNUS 2 5.00###

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Fractal FM3 patch based on Diezel VH4 amplifier with blue faceplate, expensive and quite rare, now discontinued and used by artists like Metallica, Tool and Slayer. The first version had a darker sound than the Silver variant. To compensate this, you’ll find in the patch a high value of the presence control. If your instrumentation is still doo dark, there is still a wide margin to act on the controls of medium and high frequencies. Despite the fact that Diezel amplifiers are known for high gain sound, they also have a very dynamic crunch (see scene 1).
Their reputation as “metal monsters” is well deserved, but they can also have other equally effective tones.

Scene 1: Crunch Rhythm (channel 2 Crunch)
Scene 2: Overdrive Rhythm (channel 3 Mega)
Scene 3: Lead (channel 4 Lead)

Effect: Wah, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Delay, Reverb

This file has been updated to CYGNUS 2 5.00
To use this patch, you have to install on your computer either FM-3 Edit or Axe-Edit III.

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